Antonella Ripani, Owner of Face Painting Melbourne writes on ‘What’s in my kit’

What's in my face painting kit

Perhaps you have wondered but never asked what a face painter actually brings to their job along with their skills – See blog  ‘What does it mean to be professional’

Here is a list of what you can expect in a face painters kit. Note that some artists have way more and some a little less. I also have a make-up kit – I’ll write on this another day.

 Face paints – obvious right! But what does this actually consist of

  • Up to 30 single coloured paints of which some are different tones of the one colour. In this selection there is the standard primary colours, 6 neon face paints, a handful of pearl colours plus the gorgeous metallic silver and gold. You never know what colour someone is wearing or the design that a guests or clients asks for.
  • 19 one stroke paints – these are small tubs of rainbow combinations for every occasion. They make that first paint stroke stand out and impress the guest to no end!
  • 14 Split cakes. These are great for larger areas of the skin and I would usually use a sponge to apply to the face or body.

Paint Brushes – of course! Now brushes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and each brush will aid the artist to achieve a certain stroke. ‘blog to come ‘What this brush does’ In my kit I hold

  • 60 face paint brushes
  • 10 make up brushes for soft powder application

Stencils – I love stencils, they can add depths to a design in an instant. – ‘Blog to come ‘How to use stencils in face or body painting’

  • 50 large stencils of different patters
  • 11 small stencils of different patters

Glitter – ‘Too Much Glitter is Never Enough’ I once produced a cabaret show that played at Theatre Works St Kilda and that was the name. So true right! So I have;

  • 18 different colours of glitter. Although I will admit that my favourite and most used is the white glitter with the rainbow sparkles throughout and the hot fluorescent pink mica powder.. AMAZING!!!!

And then there’s

  • 50 sponges
  • A spray bottle of water used to activate the water based paints
  • 2 small jars of water to clean brushes
  • A can of Derma colour – This is a cosmetic grade fixer spray to make the paint stay on longer and withstand some rubbing - great for guests that want to make the designs look great all through their night!
  • Barrier cream for my hands –they look a rainbow mash after each job
  • A puffer of thick gold paint for creating raised dot work
  • A container full of gems, gems, gems. Don’t make me count them.. small ones, medium sized ones and large stand out ones in all sorts of colours
  • Bindis
  • Make up wipes – oh those kids after their fairy floss!
  • Cotton buds
  • Scissors
  • A butter knife for making quick one stroke cakes
  • Cosmetic glue
  • White powder paint for thin layer of white coverage and a special dry sponge for application
  • A mirror
  • 2 fabric face washers
  • 1 small towel
  • 2 head bands for keeping hair away from face on a windy day

What do I bring that’s not in my kit

  • Designs for my guests to look at if they get stuck choosing
  • My little black book of inspiration
  • Business cards
  • A A4 sign of when I start and finish
  • A laminated sign for the last guests to wear saying they are the last to be painted when I have closed the line
  • A one sided flag advertising face painting
  • A foldable table
  • A black table cloth
  • A high chair for guests to sit on when I paint them
  • And my trusty trolley to get it from my car to set up location!

My goodness… do you think that’s enough! And if I started writing what each item cost you may get a better idea of the value.