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FPM Entertainment (Face Painting Melbourne) recognises our need to make better choices for ourselves and our planet. A clear way in which we can implement this is through choosing products that are non harmful to other life forms which inevitably become harmful to humans.
This is why we talk on glitter and balloon twisting


Plant-Based glitter -Because we still love glitter and bling!

I guarantee that all face painting artists working with FPM (Face Painting Melbourne) are now strictly using  plant based biodegradable glitter only. This glitter is plastic free, certified biodegradable and verified microplastic free. Based on natural materials, bioglitter pure decomposes like a leaf in the natural environment to leave no trace.

This glitter not only sets a new environmental standard for the glitter industry; with being soft to the touch it's more comfortable on the skin and is aluminium free.

Every little action we take is a giant step towards sustainabilty within the arts. Never feel like you don't make a difference because you do. What are you choosing today to bring about a cleaner and safer environment for tomorrow? 

Too much glitter is never enough as long as it is bio glitter!

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We love balloons but when they're used outdoors, they end up in waterways & oceans around Australia, harming wildlife therefore Face Painting Melbourne encourage you to swap balloons for bubbles. This way everyone is having fun! Sure they biodegarde but still it takes between 4 month and 4 years for them to decompose. 

See our ROVING BUBBLES packages

Facepainting Melbourne encourages everyone to dispose safely all balloon products. If you want balloon sculptures at your indoor event, party or festival let's talk about how we make sure kids know how important it is to look after their balloons and dispose of them properly.

When balloons fly seabirds die. Check out the Melbourne Zoo story on balloons

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Petit Powder Room

Face Painting Melbourne is happy to be affiliated with Petit Powder Room. Petit Powder Room bring all the fun of a beautiful pamper party with a focus on loving who you are as you are. "Mindful of the amount of toxins in our products and environment, I have sourced the highest quality organic products, safe to use on delicate skin.

We also utilise fabulous good as new pre loved items and props, to help reduce the impact waste on the environment." Susie Jane


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The Ocean Clean Up and 1 Million Meditators 

FPM (Face Painting Melbourne) proudly supports the Ocean Clean up https://www.theoceancleanup.com/ 5% of all profits are donated to the Ocean Clean Up

We are also proud participants of the 1 Million Meditators movement https://www.1millionmeditators.com/ Love yourself and our planet!

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